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Night Guards

A night guard is an appliance that can be worn at night while sleeping. It’s a flexible but hard plastic material that sits on the bottom teeth and acts as a barrier, protecting your teeth. The hardness of the plastic acts as a durable “wall” between the upper and lower teeth, while the flexibility allows you to gnaw away without cracking your night guard.

Custom made just for you, an impression is taken to create a night guard that fits to your individual bite. You can grind and chew as much as you want, and it slowly wears away at the material. Depending on how severe the grinding is, the night guard must be replaced as it is being worn down.

Not only can night guards save your teeth, they can also make you a healthier person, allowing you to go through your day without having to stress about headaches or soreness or jaw pain. You can sleep sound, knowing that you and your teeth are protected.

Snore Guards

A snore guard is a small removable dental appliance made out of plastic that you can wear at night while you sleep. An upper tray is connected on a lower tray and both trays sit on your upper and lower teeth. There are many snore guards that can be purchased online and made at home, but the ones from the dentists show much better results because they are custom made just for you! Not only will impressions of your teeth and bite be taken so that the trays are molded to your mouth, the two trays are also fabricated so that it fixes your particular snoring problem. Each person’s snoring problem is a little different, and different snore guard adjustments may be necessary that can’t be made with at home products.

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